Vehicle Repairs

We cover all repairs for brakes, timing belts, alternators, car suspension and more. Whether a whole exhaust needs changing or battery needs testing, we have the specialists and equipment to facilitate all – and we don’t charge to fit a new battery. All repairs and services are carried out on site, and in some cases while you wait. See below for our extensive list of repairs and areas of expertise:

Timing Belt – An essential but often overlooked maintenance task to ensure the reliability of your engine
Brakes – Discs and Pads, Drum Brakes, Automatic / Electronic Handbrakes
Suspension – Coil Springs, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Arms and Bushes, Ball Joints, Anti-Roll Bars
Other – Alternators, Clutches, Turbos, Welding, Exhausts, Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning / Replacement, Batteries (no charge for fitting)