We offer full MOT and Servicing plus our Star Servicing Scheme for peace of mind.  Please click here for more details.

All repairs and services are carried out on site, and in some cases while you wait. See below for our extensive list of repairs and areas of expertise.

We cover all repairs for brakes, timing belts, alternators, car suspension and more. Whether a whole exhaust needs changing or battery needs testing, we have the specialists and equipment to facilitate all.

All repairs and services are carried out on site, and in some cases while you wait. See below for our extensive list of repairs and areas of expertise.

Our specially trained technicians are able to identify any problems across all car brands and stop costly component failures with up to date specialist diagnostic equipment. We can resolve faults with Engine Management Lights, ABS and traction control / ESP systems, airbag warnings, emissions systems and many more.

We are also able to re-set service lights including condition based service indicators such as those fitted to BMWs.

A combination of driving over potholes, speed bumps and kerbs can knock your wheel alignment out of place. Left unattended, poor wheel alignment can lead to an increase in fuel consumption and much quicker wear on your tyres. Our specialists will adjust the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car manufacturers specification, to ensure that your car no longer ‘pulls’ to one side.

Whether it’s just a puncture or a new summer, winter or all-season tyre that you need, we can supply and fit from a wide range of makes with frequent deliveries from our suppliers

Our seasonal/holiday car checks are crucial to ensure that your car meets the required standards for performance and safety. We make sure you have the right amount of oil, antifreeze and screenwash for your vehicle throughout the depths of winter as well as the height of summer.

We will also check that your lights, wiper blades and batteries are working properly, as well as correct tyre pressures to ensure that your car is performing as reliably as possible. Look out for our regular special offers for free seasonal checks.

Only licensed technicians can work on air conditioning systems and at North’s we not only have the necessary qualifications, we also have invested in the latest regassing equipment. We can offer a full repair service, replacing condensers, compressors, seals, driers and all other components that make up the air conditioning system.

Air conditioning units lose charge every year, making it less efficient and your car warmer for every year that you don’t get the system serviced. We ensure that air conditioning units are working properly by regassing, replacing the lubricating oil and topping up the refrigerant levels. A properly functioning system will reduce your temperature and stress levels!

We also cleanse the air circulation system to maintain icy cold air output and get rid of harmful bacteria that may cause nasty odours. Our air conditioning cleaning service can also be beneficial for those with breathing difficulties.

We understand that breakdowns are not only unavoidable, but they can also be a source of worry and frustration when they happen unexpectedly. Our team can arrange vehicle recovery in the local area.

If you are not a member of a recovery or breakdown service we are able to offer local home visits subject to availability or can help arrange for your vehicle to be recovered to the garage. All visits need to be arranged prior to a service or repair appointment. Give us a call to make sure we can arrange this for you.

MOTS & Servicing

MOT at North's Garage

All cars legally require an annual MOT once they are three years old. An An MOT test assesses whether a car meets the minimum road safety standard set for the UK and can only be carried out by trained and qualified specialists at garages authorised by VOSA.

MOT at North's Garage

All MOTs at North’s are completed on site by our own examiners and we have the capacity to test vehicles up to 3000kgs – Class IV classification. Appointments can be made ‘while you wait’ which take approximately an hour, or you can choose to leave the car with us.

MOT at North's Garage

Should your car fail the MOT and require a re-test, unlike many test centres we allow the full 10 working days for a free re-test even if the vehicle is removed from our site.

Star servicing Scheme

As an alternative to our tailored servicing plans, we have developed a range of menu-priced service options under our Star Servicing Scheme.

Engine Size>1199cc>1999cc>2999cc
Three Star – 6 month, 40 point service£119.99£149.99£169.99
Four Star – 12 month, 69 point service*£169.99£199.99£219.99
Five Star – 24 month, 73 point service**£259.99£289.99£319.99

For higher mileage drivers, a six month 40 point check oil change service

  • If your car requires specialist synthetic oil an extra charge applies
  • Pollen filters can be changed at any service for an additional charge
  • On the 5* Service an additional charge applies for long-life or platinum plugs, twin spark engines or more than four cylinders

We offer both fixed price and tailored service options for all vehicles, depending on your preferences and requirements for your car. All tailored services are carried out to manufacturers specifications, using quality parts to ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

Many modern cars and vans require specific service items to be attended to and many now require special grade oils, the majority of which we stock. We are also able to re-set service lights including condition based services indicators such as those fitted to BMWs and MINIs for example.

If a car is still covered by the manufacturers warranty, North’s ensure that correct parts and oils are used to keep the warranty valid, and have the capacity to service nearly all sizes of car as well as small commercial vans. If necessary, delivery and collection and/or lifts can be offered subject to availability and prior booking.